10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our Schools

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Why do I want to be a counsellor?

I identified so much with this person I had to share. Her words feel so authentic

Rowan January

I haven’t really blogged before about why I am retraining to become a counsellor. Partly because the question seems so personal. It goes to the core of who I am and what I want out of life. Also, a lot of what happens in class and in the experiential workshops involves other people , which would not be appropriate to talk about outside of that setting.

As I started University this weekend the question of why I want to be a counsellor has played on my mind. To not write about my personal journey seems wrong as if I am withholding part of my life.

So why do I want to become a counsellor?

Because I think I would be good at it. I find people and the stories we tell ourselves fascinating. In the darkest of times, counselling has been a life line for me. Sitting opposite somebody who had…

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Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – here’s how to opt out

If your privacy is important to you then you definitely must read this and respond to its message.


Windows 10 is amazing. Windows 10 is fantastic. Windows 10 is glorious. Windows 10 is faster, smoother and more user-friendly than any Windows operating system that has come before it. Windows 10 is everything Windows 8 should have been, addressing nearly all of the major problems users had with Microsoft’s previous-generation platform in one fell swoop.

But there’s something you should know: As you read this article from your newly upgraded PC, Windows 10 is also spying on nearly everything you do.

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f@#k the bucket

f@#k the bucket.

My Path Out of Porn Addiction: A Therapist’s Journey

My Path Out of Porn Addiction: A Therapist’s Journey.

This is my final post on Fifty Shades of Grey

“I’m not “offended” by FSOG, I’m triggered by it; there is a difference.”
Her previous post on FSOG put these words in my mouth; and here she is putting them out there for me. Check out her other posts on this – they’re excellent!